Bourse de Recherche Australie 2020 : – ANU Computer Scholarship

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15 févr. 2020

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Bourse de Recherche Australie 2020 : – ANU Computer Scholarship

About ANU Computer Scholarship :

ANU Computer Scholarships – The Australian National University College of Engineering & Computer Science may offer a scholarship known as the Scholarship.

The objective of the award is to support later year undergraduate students who are undertaking a program or Major in a Computer Science discipline. The award aims to help build the recipient’s passion, innovation and creativity within computer science.

Eligibility ANU Computer Scholarship : 

  • The award is available each year to a continuing ANU student who is
  • (a) an undergraduate domestic or international student
  • (b) undertaking a program or Major in a Computer Science discipline in the Research School of Computer Science, in the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science, and has completed a minimum of 12 units of 3000-level COMP courses
  • (c) able to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to passion, innovation and creativity within computer science.

Benefits :

  • The duration of the award is 12 months and includes a stipend of $10,000. This amount will be paid to the scholar in two equal payments, paid after the semester census date.
  • The recipient is responsible for making payment of all tuition fees by the prescribed date as set out by the University each session. Recipients of this award are responsible for the costs of books, study materials, accommodation and all other costs of study.

How to apply ? 

Applications are called for with a closing date set by the College. The application process is in two stages:

  1. Stage 1: The PitchThe applicant is to submit in video format an expression of interest that articulates their idea in any field related to computer science & addressing any relevant issue.The Pitch will need to address a range of questions outlined in the application form.

    Videos should be no more than three minutes in length. Then , further details for video submission are included in the application form.

  2. Stage 2: Face to Face

On successful completion of Stage 1, shortlisted applicants will be required to present to the Selection Committee a plan for how they intend to use the scholarship funding to address their problem. This presentation is different to the pitch; It should be no more than 15 minutes in length.


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Australian National University

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