Bourses de recherche : Egypte 2019 – the Bibliotheca Alexandrina

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02 sept. 2018

Bourses de recherche : Egypte 2019 – the Bibliotheca Alexandrina

The Joint ASRT-BA Research Grants Program for Young Researchers was launched in April 2018. The program has started after the establsihment of a partnership between the key supporters for research and researchers:

The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) and the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) are pleased to announce the launching of the Joint ASRT-BA Research Grants Program for Young Researchers. The joint program is funded by the ASRT and it is managed and adminstrated by the Center for Special Studies and Programs (CSSP), one of the BA academic research centers.

Researchers should be conducting an innovative applied research in one of the following areas:

  • Food & Agricultural Sciences
  • Medical Sciences
  • Environment
  • Engineering Sciences and Technologies


Universities and research institutions in Egypt, Arab Region and Africa need to be able to implement into practice the latest science discoveries and technological ideas for the benefit of the community. The Joint ASRT-BA Research Grants Program for Young Researchers seeks out the generation of creative and innovative research.

The Joint ASRT-BA Research Grants Program for Young Researchers offers research grants to 50 young researches (40 Egyptians and 10 Africans), over two rounds (25 young research per round). The grant maximum duration is limited to 2 years.

The maximum amount of money provided per researcher is EGP 250,000 (including 5 % administration fees-will be deducted-).

Two workshops for young researchers are to be organized (once annually) to build researchers capacities.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The research should be an innovation for application beneficiary to the society in the applied area of study.
  2. Candidate must not exceed 45 years by the application year.
  3. Candidates must have completed their PhD.
  4. Candidate must be an African Nationality.
  5. The candidate must be currently working at a public/private academic (or) research institution in Africa and the research must be conducted in Egypt.
  6. Candidates must have an English language proficiency of at least 5 in IELTS (or) 500 in paper-based TOEFL, (or) 60 in International-based TOEFL.
  7. Egyptian candidates must be currently engaged (or) can arrange to work on a joint research project with foreign counterpart(s) at a university (or) a research center abroad.
  8. African candidates must have an Egyptian professor supervising their research (or) Egyptian counterpart.

First round online application call is now open. Deadline: 2 September 2018


Complete applications will undergo blind on-line review process. Therefore, no reference is made to the person, institution, or specific location that would identify the researcher in the documents submitted for review. The reviewing committee includes international reviewers representing all areas of research fields proposed by both ASRT and BA.

Upon receiving the research grant, the researcher must publish one research paper annually corresponding to his/her research output in an international journal of impact factor ranking at least (1). The researcher can publish a maximum of two research papers annually. The grant amount EGP 250,000 (including 5 % administration fees-will be deducted) will be distributed as follow:

For Africans:

  • EGP 20,000 (only Twenty-thousand Egyptian pounds) for travel expenditures per year.
  • Grantee will be entitled to receive EGP 10,000 (only Ten-thousand Egyptian pounds) upon publishing work related to the grant in an international peer reviewed scientific journal (with minimum impact Factor 1). The maximum number of publications per year are two publications.
  • 30% of the total amount of the grant will cover accommodation expenses.
  • The remaining amount will cover the project’s operating requirements.
  • No salaries are to be allocated within the grant.


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