Bourses d’étude Allemagne 2019 : End Of Study scholarship – Technical University of Cologne

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15 août 2019

Bourses d’étude Allemagne 2019 : End Of Study scholarship – Technical University of Cologne

Particularly qualified international students can apply for an end-of-study scholarship at the Technical University of Cologne if they are already at the end of their studies. The Department of International Affairs awards these scholarships through funding by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Federal Foreign Office.

The main goal of the end-of-study scholarship is to provide financial support to international students during the preparation of their final thesis, so that they can fully concentrate on their final degree. International students who have achieved very good or good grades and who are in the final phase of their studies are eligible to apply.

Who can apply for an end-of-study scholarship?

We accept applications from students:

  • foreign nationals with foreign educational qualifications° ,
  • who are enrolled at TH Köln with the aim to obtain a university degree,
  • who are in financial need,
  • who are in the final stage of their degree program and and who, based on their previously achieved grades, are likely to graduate within a maximum of two semesters,
  • who live in Germany during the time of writing their final thesis.

We cannot accept applications from students:

  • who are enrolled as exchange students, students of Cologne Prep Class or German language courses,
  • who are enrolled in a Master program for continuing education
  • who (also) have the German nationality, or have obtained their higher education entrance qualification in Germany,
  • who receive BAföG,
  • who are currently recipients of any full or partial scholarship from DAAD or other organizations,
  • who are studying or doing an internship abroad during the scholarship period.

Please note that your application for the end-of-study scholarship can only be considered if you have not yet completed your thesis. You can prove this by registering your thesis with the Examination Office.


The application deadline of each year is:

  • 15 February,
  • 15 May and
  • 15 August.

The earliest start of the funding is

  • 01 March,
  • 01 June and
  • 01 September.

Value and duration of the end-of-study scholarship

  • up to 400 € per month; (single parent Bachelor-students: up to 750 € / single parent Master-students: up to 850 €).
  • up to 6 months (the scholarship cannot be extended.)

You can apply for both Bachelor’s and Master’s theses.

The end-of-study scholarship starts at the earliest in the month of your official registration of your thesis or with a notice from your supervisor about the official start and end date of your thesis.

The end-of-study scholarship ends no later than the month of the last exam / colloquium or the submission of the final thesis.

For more information about this scholarship, visit the University’s website here.

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