Bourses d’étude Chine 2019 : Nanjing University 

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Bourse d'études
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Doctorat | Master
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15 mars 2019

Bourses d’étude Chine 2019 : Nanjing University

Chinese Government Scholarship is a scholarship set up by the Chinese government to facilitate students and scholars from all over the world to conduct their study and research at Chinese universities. The scholarship aims to increase the mutual understanding and friendship,to develop the communication and cooperation between China and the rest of the world in the field of education, technology, culture and economics.

A master’s degree takes 3 years while a PhD degree takes 3 to 4 years.Nanjing University adopts a credit system, which requires students upon their graduation to acquire the total number of credits for the degree and successfully pass the oral defense of the Graduation Paper.


STUDENT TYPE:  Master and PhD candidates 

MAJORS: 专业列表 List of the Majors.pdf

Tips: If you came from a country other than the United States, you could only apply for the above majors. If your nationality was American, you’d apply any major of NJU’s master and doctoral programmes (List of the Master Programmes.pdf List of the Ph.D Programmes.pdf), since there’s a special scholarship type for the Americans. In that case, if you couldn’t find the major you are trying to apply at NJU’s online application system (http://istudy.nju.edu.cn), please contact the scholarship coordinator, whose contact information is listed at the bottom of this webpage.


1.Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens and be healthy both physically and mentally.

2.Academic Background and age limit:

Applicants for a master’s degree must have acquired their bachelor degrees, and should not be older than 35.

Applicants for a PhD degree must have acquired their master degrees, and should not be older than 40.

※ For the graduates to obtain their degrees in 2019, they should submit a pre-graduation certificate to guarantee that they have the competence to complete their study and acquire the degree by July of 2019.

3.Applicants must be willing to learn Chinese.If the application is successful, students should accept education in Chinese language and pass the test for Chinese language level assessment in the required period.

※ Students who have been granted other Chinese scholarships or funding (2019-2020) are not eligible for this scholarship.



Entrance requirement for international students to Nanjing University:

Science: new HSK level 4; Liberal Arts: new HSK level5.

Graduation requirement for international students from Nanjing University:

Science: new HSK level 5; Liberal Arts: new HSK level6.

Applicants whose Chinese level is below the above-mentioned standard can also apply for the scholarship program if they are excellent in their research fields. Once their applications are approved, they must take one-year language course and pass a required test before they start their major studies. All scholarship students can apply for academic degrees only when they reach the requirement of Chinese language level, credits and the thesis before graduation.



Length of Schooling is 3 years for Masters, and 3-4 years for PhDs.Scholarship students who do not meet the language requirement should take Chinese language courses for 1 year, during which students can still get the full subsidy of scholarship.The scholarship is awarded each month throughout the full year, including the summer and winter holidays.



Scholarship students who study on full time at Nanjing University should obey the rules and regulations of school, as well as the Codes for International Students in Nanjing University . Study, research, and thesis writing should be finished in the university. No long-distant education is permitted. Transferring school is not allowed either. Once suspended from school, the qualification of the scholarship students will be cancelled and will not be regained. Principally, students are not allowed to leave school, including visiting parents, referring to learning materials or doing internship during the school year unless during the vacations. If there is an emergency, students can leave school with the permission notice of their advisors and departments along with the approval of the Chinese Scholarship Council. If a student violates the related regulations or leaves the university during the school year without any permission, his or her scholarship shall be suspended or even cancelled.

According to the regulations of Chinese Scholarship Council, all the scholarship students should take part in the annual assessment and evaluation of the scholarship qualification. The time for assessment and evaluation is from March to May every year. After the assessment, those who are qualified can keep their scholarships; whereas those who are not will have their scholarships suspended or even cancelled.



1.Allowance: Grantees will be provided with a monthly stipend of RMB 3,000 and RMB 3,500 for master’s degree students and PhD degree students, respectively.

2.Tuition: Tuition will be waived.

3.Health Insurance: A health insurance will be provided to the grantee by CSC for the entire duration of his/her scholarship.

4.Accommodation: A free accommodation will be provided to a grantee in the International Dormitory ofthe University for the entire duration of the scholarship.

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