Bourses d’étude : State Scholarship – Russie 2018

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Bourses d’étude : State Scholarship – Russia 2018

15 000 government grants for foreign students are given in Russia annually.

What government grants include

The grant provides your free studying on the chosen specialty for the entire period of education in Russia . Also, if you need to improve knowledge of Russian, the grant covers education at preparatory faculty.

In addition, monthly payment and a place in the student residence is provided. In 2016 payment constituted 1 300 rubles ($21).

Not everybody knows that foreign students are also able to receive additional payments from the state. For the additional information you need to apply to embassy of your own country in Russia.

Who may receive a Grant

All candidates with the secondary school and vocational school finished (school, technical school, lyceum, etc.) and successfully passed competitive selection in their own country can receive a grant.

Competitive selection process

The candidate has to be registered on the Russia.study portal and send the application for a quota. Competitive selections take place in two stages.

The first stage will take place in your country. For this purpose, it is necessary to contact the Russian center of science and culture (RCSC). If in your country there is no RCSC, it is necessary to contact the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

The second stage consists in selection of suitable candidates by the Russian universities. Results of competitive selection will be known after consideration by higher education institutions of all arrived applications

Where and what are the selection events format

The selection event take place on the basis of RCSC or the Russian Embassy.

How to find out the result of competitive selection

In 1-2 months after passing of competitive selection in your own country and selection by the chosen higher education institutions in Russia you will be informed about results. If competitive selection not passed, you can send the application for studying by contract and enter the Russian university on a paid basis. For this purpose send the request for the contract, which is saved on your personal account of Russia.study, creating new one isn’t necessary.

What government grant does not cover

Government grant does not cover transfer to University, living expenses and health insurance.

You could read more at the page Health Insurance and Medical Care.

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