Bourses d’études : Belgique 2018

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29 août 2017
Date fin de candidature
30 sept. 2017

Bourses Belgique

Bourses d’études : Belgique 2018

We are looking for a promising post-graduate student interested in undertaking a PhD in the framework of a research project focused on the role of the European Union in the management of the multidimensional Syrian refugee crisis. The PhD scholarship is awarded for two years, renewable once under certain conditions. The research will take place under the supervision of Professor Elena Aoun, mostly on the Mons campus of the UCL

Required qualifications:

  • Master degree in Political Science, International relations, European Studies or equivalent degree achieved:
  • With honours (equivalent of the ‘distinction’ in Belgium) and a Master dissertation that has been graded at least 16/20
  • And completed no later than September 2017
  • A good knowledge of the European Union and its foreign policy
  • A fair knowledge of Euro-Mediterranean dynamics and of the Middle-East / Levant region would be an asset
  • Perfect command of French OR English, and a good command of the other language
  • A passive knowledge of Arabic would be a great asset
  • A field experience would also be a valuable asset.

The application must include:

  • A motivation letter
  • A detailed CV
  • The transcripts for each academic year (showing taken courses and corresponding grades)
  • Two letters of recommendation by two professors who can attest to the level of the candidate and his/her inclination for research
  • An electronic copy of the Master thesis
  • Another research paper submitted in another language than the one used for the Master thesis and that demonstrates the analytical and linguistic skills of the candidate (i.e. if the Master thesis is in English, the research paper must be in French, or vice versa).

Applications must be submitted in two PDF files to the following email address: [email protected]

  • The first file will comprise elements 1 to 4 mentioned above
  • The second file will comprise elements 5 and 6 mentioned above. For any additional information regarding the project and/or the desired profile, please contact Professor Elena Aoun at the following email address: [email protected]

Additional information:

Dossier de candidature

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