PdH at Swansea University – Bourses de recherche Royaume Uni 2019

The subject of this PhD study in the Swansea University is the design of passive and active robust control systems for aircraft gust load alleviation using morphing wing tip devices. In practice, the variability in the structural parameters of aircraft structures and gust loads will be considerable which makes it essential to select the controller parameters in an optimal manner to ensure the reduction of loads even when the nominal conditions change. Different concepts such as nonlinear springs and unsymmetrical stiffness have been introduced for the morphing winglet. They have been mainly designed to enable higher aspect ratio aircraft with less induced drag. This PhD project will focus on the development of computational models to enable the design and optimisation of passive and active actuation mechanisms for morphing winglets to alleviate dynamic loads. Robust design methods for the passive/active winglet design will also be developed. Both structural and aerodynamic uncertainties will be considered in the design, and the models will be validated using wind tunnel tests in the Swansea University wind tunnel.

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