PhD at CSIRO – Bourse de recherche Sweden 2023

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is a renowned Australian Government agency dedicated to scientific research and innovation. With its headquarters in Canberra, CSIRO operates over 50 sites throughout Australia, as well as in France, Chile, and the United States. Collaborating with leading organizations worldwide, CSIRO employs approximately 5,500 talented individuals who contribute to advancing scientific knowledge and technological advancements.
CSIRO is actively investing in an innovative research portfolio focused on AI4Design, aiming to develop cutting-edge AI technologies that align with the objectives of modernizing the Australian industry and achieving Net Zero targets. In order to achieve these goals, CSIRO will collaborate closely with universities and industry partners to drive advancements in AI science, technology, and its impact on digital design, modeling, and the production of customized industrial devices.

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