Undergraduate Program at Claremont McKenna College – Bourses d’études USA 2020

Claremont McKenna College is now rewarding students with excellent academic performance through its generous Merit-Based Scholarship. This scheme is made available for international first-year applicants.
The purpose of this programme is to find new talent from around the world and encourage them to study at Claremont McKenna College.
Founded in 1946, Claremont McKenna College is counted in one of the United States’ top liberal arts colleges. It specializes in government and economics. The college has eleven world-class research institutes where students research with professors. With more than 1,300 students, it has become one of the selective colleges in the world.
Why study at Claremont McKenna College? Great facilities, talented professors, highly ranked programs, supporting staff and friendly environment are the aspects that make this institution an ideal choice for any students. At the university, students are prepared to make a difference and lead a successful and productive life.

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