University of A Coruña

The University of A Coruña was founded under the Galician Universities Law 11/1989 on July 20th, 1989. The Constituent Assembly passed the University Statutes on the February 4th, 1992and these were published in the Official Bulletin (DOG) on September 17th, 1992.
The University of A Coruña is territorially situated in the Campus of A Coruña and the Campus of Ferrol.
The University of A Coruña is a public institution whose primary objective is the generation, management and dissemination of culture and scientific, technological and professional knowledge through the development of research and teaching.




Bourses proposées par University of A Coruña

The information of these courses in the link below : The International Summer School of the University of La Coruña started its activities in 2014 and h...


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