American University of Paris – France

The American University of Paris does more than provide an American-style university education in Paris. Our global liberal arts heritage drives us to offer an academic experience that inspires over 1200 students, representing a record 110 nationalities and 65 languages, to cross cultural, national, ethnic, religious and linguistic boundaries in the AUP classroom and beyond. Our faculty of 35 nationalities uses its research and practice to fuel thought-provoking conversations in intimate and collaborative classroom settings, where you will explore different academic disciplines from a variety of perspectives. You will be given every opportunity to connect your learning to professional and real-life settings in Paris and beyond, with a global liberal arts education that will help lead you to a fulfilling career or further study around the world.




Bourses proposées par American University of Paris – France

Les Étudiants ciblés par les Programme de Bourses d’études France 2023 à AUP American University of Paris : Pays Cibles : Tous les Pays Groupes Cibles : Tous les Groupes ...


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