DreamGo Study Agent is established in downtown Manhattan, New York. During the 10-year development period, we have established close cooperative relations with Top30 colleges and universities, visiting many American universities every year, mastering the latest admission trends of famous schools and the admission preferences for Chinese students.
Different from domestic study agents, we are in the US economic and cultural center, and we can obtain exclusive in-house quotas by sponsoring well-known American universities and research projects, and share these high-quality educational resources with students in time. At the same time, we also provide background enhancements such as internship opportunities, academic competition qualifications, summer school, etc, so that you can go further from your academic and professional goals.




Bourses proposées par DreamGo

Scholarship Provider: Dream Go, Inc is a multifaceted International-Student Oriented Educational Consulting Company based in New York City. Degree Level: The scholarships are op...


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