MIF – The Matsumae International Foundation – Japon

Dr. Shigeyoshi MATSUMAE (1901-1991), Founder of the Matsumae International Foundation, had used all his great effort to realize everlasting world peace as a scientist, politician and educator. He expressed his thought in words as follows, “The Condition of the world as consisting of conflict between the different national egoism, there will be no lasting peace”. The words are still alive in our modern society. Reaffirming Founder’s thought and his Founding concept, we will advance toward our international activities. I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude and at the same time to expect people all over the world give cordial understanding and support to our Foundation.




Bourses proposées par MIF – The Matsumae International Foundation – Japon

Application Deadline: 17:00 on June 30, 2020 (Japan Standard Time). Course Level: Fellowships are available to carry out research at selected host institutions (university rese...


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