Novo Nordisk Foundation

The Foundation hands out more than 300 million US dollars each year to research within the fields of Life- and Bioscience.

The current chairman of the Novo Nordisk Foundation is Sten Scheibye, while Birgitte Nauntofte is the current CEO

From 2016 to 2022, the foundation distributed more than US$ 4.5 billion in grants for research, innovation, treatment, education, humanitarian and social purposes.




Bourses proposées par Novo Nordisk Foundation

ELIGIBILITY The applicant must be a nurse and meet the requirements for attaining the PhD degree following the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science...


PROGRAMME OUTLINE The four-year programme is divided into a pre-doctoral year followed by three years of PhD training at one of the four Novo Nordisk Foundation Research Centers em...


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