Qatar University

Qatar University (Arabic: جامعة قطر‎; transliterated: Jami’at Qatar) is a public university in Qatar, located on the northern outskirts of the capital Doha. As of 2014, there are over 16,000 students. Courses are taught in Arabic (in education, arts and social sciences courses) or English (in natural sciences, engineering and business courses).

In 1973, Qatar’s first national College of Education was founded by decree of the Emir of Qatar, in his vision to place education as a priority in the country’s expansion. Among a small population, the College admitted a respectable 57 male and 93 female students in its first year.




Bourses proposées par Qatar University

Internal scholarships These scholarships are offered by the University to applicants from within the State of Qatar. Benefits: These scholarships include exemption only from tuitio...


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