The Harvard Academy – USA

The Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies is dedicated to increasing our knowledge of the culture, history, and institutions of the world’s major regions and countries. The Harvard Academy was founded in 1986 on the initiative of Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Henry Rosovsky, who served as its Chairman until 1996 when Samuel P. Huntington succeeded him, followed by Jorge I. Domínguez in 2004, and then by Melani Cammett in 2018. Timothy J. Colton became the fifth Harvard Academy Chair in July 2021.




Bourses proposées par The Harvard Academy – USA

University or Organization: The Harvard Academy Department: Social sciences or Law Course Level: PhD Award: $67,000 Access Mode: Online Number of Awards: 4 to 5 scholarships ...


This program is open to recent PhD recipients and doctoral candidates in the social sciences. The Harvard Academy Scholars Fellowship Program of The Harvard Academy for Internation...

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