University of Lleida

The University of Lleida is a university based in Lleida(Catalonia), Spain. It was the first university in Catalonia and the whole Crown of Aragon. It was founded in 1300, using the name of Estudi General de Lleida (Studium Generale) in the style of other Universities founded at that time. (such as the University of Valencia), and closed down through a royal law or « Real Cédula » in 1717 along with the banning of the rest of Catalan Universities and the original political institutions of Catalonia. Felipe Vfounded a university in Cervera, a town 70 km. east of Lleida whose authorities had supported his side in the Spanish War of Succession in 1713, which replaced all Catalan universities.




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Degree Level: Grants are available to pursue Master degree programme. Study Subject: Check here the list of the available master’s degree programmes. Grants : The grant cons...


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