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Bayer Science & Education Foundation

The innovative company Bayer has been committed to benefiting society from its founding in the 19th Century. Today, the company’s social and scientific commitments are pooled in the Bayer Foundations.

The company supported its first young scientist back in 1883. Friedrich Bayer Jr., son of the company’s founder, financed a research stay in Strasbourg for a bright young chemist: Carl Duisberg. A few years later in 1897, Bayer Jr. laid the groundwork for what would become the Bayer Foundations.

Since the start of the 20th Century, the Group has been promoting the sciences with a systematic approach that comprises both financial and conceptual support. Scholarship programs and awards for outstanding research were central components of this work from an early stage. Many of these, such as the Carl Duisberg scholarship program or the Otto Bayer Award, are named after influential personalities in the company’s history or were endowed by them directly.

In 2007, the company restructured its foundation activities under the umbrella of the Science & Education Foundation and the Cares Foundation. The Foundations’ profile has also been undergoing refinement since 2015, following the Group’s lead in focusing on its core competencies in the Life Sciences.

The foundations now place a greater emphasis on pioneers in the life sciences and medicine.

The world is full of challenges. All around the globe, dedicated men and women are devising new answers to society’s questions.

It is this pioneering spirit that the Foundations are seeking to foster.

We see our role as a catalyst for social progress in all areas of society – in science, in health and nutrition, in education and in the welfare sector.

Today, our two corporate foundations support pioneers worldwide:

  • The Bayer Science & Education Foundation with focus on excellence in Life Science, medicine and science education, and
  • The Bayer Cares Foundation with focus on social innovation and new solutions for a better living.

Both foundations give more than just funds. We provide a trustful forum where industry, academia and civil society can develop new solutions in a trustful partnership.

Innovation really is the lifeblood of Bayer. It is fundamental for the continuing existence as a company and also it is the basis for progress in society.

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