Cinema Makeup School

Cinema Makeup School is a private, for-profit makeup training school located in Los Angeles. The school was founded in 1993. Specialties include beauty make-up for film and television as well as fashion and editorial purposes, hairstyling, airbrushing and bodypainting, character make-up, special make-up effects and prosthetics, creature maquette sculpture and digital makeup effects design, along with Advanced Lab Techniques and Advanced Beauty Techniques.
Several graduates of the school have appeared as contestants on Syfy’s reality game show Face Off.
Cinema Makeup School was founded in 1993 by a professional makeup artist seeking to create a more comprehensive makeup artist school that offered up-to-date education to aspiring makeup and special effects technicians.




Bourses proposées par Cinema Makeup School

Degree: Bachelors Deadline: 01 Dec 2019 Scholarship value: Partial Funding, $10,000 Eligibility for the Legends Of Makeup Scholarships in US, 2020: Candidates from all nationalit...


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