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Education Bureau

The Education Department (Chinese: 教育署 and 教育司署 before 1983) was responsible for education matters in the territory, with the exception of post-secondary and tertiary education. In 2003, the department was abolished and a new bureau, the Education and Manpower Bureau (Chinese: 教育統籌局 abbreviated EMB) was formed. In July 2007, the manpower portfolio was transferred to the new Labour and Welfare Bureau by newly re-elected Chief Executive Donald Tsang.

The bureau was formerly housed at the Former French Mission Building.

The Education System includes :Kindergarten Education, Primary and Secondary School Education, Special Education, Post-secondary Education, and other Education and Training.

Our Vision :

We provide quality school education for our students, to develop their potential to the full and to prepare them for the challenges in life.

Our Mission :

We deliver professional services and ensure effective use of resources. We forge partnerships to promote excellence in school education.

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Bourses d’étude : Chine 2017 – Education bureau

Bourses d’étude : Chine 2017 – Education bureau   The Scholarship for Prospective English Teachers (the Scholarship) is set up by the Education Bureau, the Government of the Hong Ko...
Licence 17 août 2017 Bourse d'études
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