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epoka university

Epoka University was licensed by the Decision of the Council of Ministers No. 281, dated 12.03.2008. It is owned by the Turgut Özal Education Company, which hasalso established and operated the much-acclaimed system of Turkish primary and high schools in Albania since 1992.

Epoka University was founded in order to address the needs of Albania and the Balkans for an institution of higher education based on the American Educational System.

The objectives of the founders are to increase the quality and effectiveness of education and training systems in the region, to facilitate the access of all to the education and training and to open these systems up to the wider world.

Raising the quality and standards of learning is essential if Albania is to become a more competitive and dynamic society in this age of globalization and if its citizens are to be able to develop their own skills to their full potential.


Our mission is to become an influential and innovative education and research institution, serving to the fundamental human values by producing, distributing and contributing to knowledge at an international level; raise sensitive, equipped, productive, professional and competent individuals with a research-oriented spirit and open towards the national and international challenges; contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the society based on the universal and regional needs.


The vision of Epoka University, aiming at the materialization of its mission, is as follows:

Respect for the universal values,
Responsibility to produce knowledge and value for the humanity,
Adoption of the merit and total quality management principles,
Preserve continuous self-renewal and productivity,
Give importance to team work, participation and collaboration,
Create its own tradition,
Be selected because of the quality of education activities and scientific research and
Manage successfully the undergraduate and graduate programs.


Epoka University was established in order to contribute to the development of society, to science and knowledge and work done in this field. Creating a contemporary scientific infrastructure will contribute to the development of human resources in the scientific and social sciences by offering contemporary education opportunities according to the needs of the country and of the world.

Giving importance to the production of knowledge and technology in the undergraduate and postgraduate programs as well as creating the possibility to reach the most up to date knowledge will contribute to raising well-educated and productive young people.

Epoka University, making use of international experience, through its graduate programs, education and research tradition, will raise scientists and fulfill the needs of the society.

Epoka University, continuing its stage of institutionalization based on the principles of fairness, meritocracy and democratic participation, will create its own tradition together with its employees and students.

It will establish a Management Knowledge System, complying with the universally known principles, the university, together with the staff, is subject to dynamic organizational structure.

Identifying the educational objectives and goals, as well as the learning outcomes, all the activities will be focused on the outputs, aiming at meeting the needs of the industry and applying innovative dynamic programs.

It will assure the participation of the students through the “University Students Council”, aiming at the participation of student representatives at the decision level.

In order to meet regularly all the daily needs of the students and employees of the university, the facilities at the university will adapt a functional and contemporary technology.

It will be in collaboration and communication with the society and business world. To respond to the expectations of the market, the University will organize continuous education programs.


To believe in the universality of education and research,
To obey to universal legal principles and rules,
To be respectful and tolerant towards different religions, languages, genders, nationalities, colors, and differences in opinion
No compromise with regard to the preservation of justice and integrity,
To keep institutional identity in the forefront,
To adopt a participatory, transparent, decision-oriented, sensitive, rapid and effective governance ,
To continuously interact with the community, to become a pioneer and a model of learning and research at the local and international level
To become a student-focused institution in all procedures,
To give importance to the harmony, liaison and satisfaction of its personnel
To be open to innovation,
To pursuit excellence,
To value time,
To create a safe and sustainable environment in the premises To conduct original research

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