Founded in 1970 and based in Geneva, Switzerland, Giract is the leading transnational consultancy in food ingredient strategy, market and business development. Its unique and profound insights into the dynamics of the entire agro-food chain, from raw material supply to food-industry needs, are essential to any strategic thinking process including those of many of the world’s leading players. Giract’s strengths lie in its 40 years of business research and analysis spanning the global markets for ingredients, chemicals and associated technologies. Its proprietary in-house database provides an undisputed strength to its quantitative assessments. Giract’s excellent qualitative analysis and insights are provided by its highly qualified and experienced partners able to address all business management aspects. This is supported by Giract’s vast global network of privileged and high-level contacts in industry, academic and government sectors. It constitutes a multilingual and multicultural team bridging the differing European, American and Asian markets and cultures.

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