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The IMD MBA is designed to ensure that you master the fundamentals needed in business today and increase your self-awareness. It prepares you to confidently select adequate responses to business challenges worldwide.

  • Assignments range from full-fledged industry analyses, marketing, and business plans to organization audits and next-stage financing proposals for new ventures. All tasks are interspersed with integrative exercises, group projects, and individual, comprehensive exams.
  • Projects with corporate clients ensure you work directly on real issues companies are currently facing, and provide multiple opportunities to network and showcase your learnings and potential to future recruiters.
  • Individualized work and electives are designed to meet specific skill and knowledge requirements for immediate career targets, and allow you to pursue deeper insights in fields of particular interest to you.
  • Personal and leadership development combines classroom and off-campus interactions, psychoanalytical coaching, peer reviews and individual reflection. You will develop your ability to navigate organizational contexts, explore leadership issues surrounding group performance and understand how your own moral compass impacts decisions.
  • The Career Stream provides coaching on personal development goals, career planning, and recruitment strategies, and organizes events that help you to leverage IMD’s networks and resources.
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