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Stockholm University in the capital of Sweden is characterised by its openness, innovation and collaboration.

Stockholm University was founded in 1878 with the ambition to reinvent higher education in Sweden. From the beginning, close contact with the wider world as well as the active exchange of knowledge and experience have been integral to this vision.

With a global perspective and through partnerships with others, Stockholm University contributes to the development of knowledge. Education and research within human science and science in the international frontline, as well as interdisciplinary work, make this possible.

We make knowledge accessible to everyone through dialogue and participation in public debate and the development of society.

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Bourses d’études : Suède 2018 – Stockholm Univ...

Bourses d’études : Suède 2018 – Stockholm University   . Scholarships offered by Stockholm University The scholarship scheme at Stockholm University is aimed at especially qualified...
Master 15 janv. 2018 Bourse d'études
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