Womenpreneur brings together 10 women entrepreneurs from the MENA, every year, to develop their businesses, capacities & showcase their offering services

Ensuring women access to business opportunities is critical to economic prosperity and sustainable development of communities. Several researches indicate that lack of role models, low self-confidence, lack of technical expertise, and limited access to appropriate networking and funding continue to be the main challenges facing women entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa.

Womenpreneur was established to support women entrepreneurs grow scalable businesses, accompany them through the process of delivering their initiatives and to address the key challenges impacting on the growth of female led business initiatives.

Our core strategy focuses on a number of areas which include:

• Capacity Building
• Access to Networks
• Access to Finance
• Social Impact

Every year, we identify 10 ambitious women-owned social enterprises, which are on the cusp of growth, through our one-year competitive program to support them to take their businesses and leadership to the next level and mostly impact their societies.


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