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Gouvernement Japonais

African Business Education Initiative for Youth. This program offers opportunities for young and eligible African men and women to study at Master’s courses in Japanese universities as international students and to experience internships at Japanese enterprises in order to develop effective skills and knowledge in various fields for contributing the development of industries in Africa. At the 5th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD V), it is recognized that there is a need for human resource development in both private and public sectors of Africa in order to cultivate a strong human network between Japan and Africa




Bourses proposées par Gouvernement Japonais

Host Institution(s): Universities in Japan Fields of study: Those who wish to study in Japan as an undergraduate student must choose a field of major from two major fields: (1) Soc...


Brief description of the program : « Master by the Japan Government – Bourse d’études Japon 2024 »   WBGSP is open to women and men from developing nations wi...


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National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts (MMCA)

Gwacheon-guan (main museum) The National Museum of Contemporary Art (MMCA), also known as Gwacheon Contemporary Art Museum, is located in Gwacheon, South Korea. The museum was init...