São Paulo Research Foundation

FAPESP (São Paulo Research Foundation) is a public foundation, funded by taxpayers in the state of São Paulo, with the mission to support research projects in institutions of higher education and research in all fields of knowledge. São Paulo has a population of 40 million and generates 35% of Brazil’s GNP. The state constitution establishes that 1% of all state tax revenue belongs to the Foundation and the government transfers these funds monthly. The stability of funding and autonomy of the Foundation allow for efficient management of the resources, which has had a sizeable impact: while São Paulo has 22% of the Brazil’s population and 30% of its scientists with doctorates, the state contributes 52% of the country’s scientific articles published in international journals.




Bourses proposées par São Paulo Research Foundation

University or Organization: FAPESP and Federal University of Sao Paulo Department: Division of Infectious Diseases – Paulista School of Medicine Course Level: Post-doctoral Award...


1. Modalities of PD fellowships a. Post-doctorate fellowships linked to Research Projects Major São Paulo Research Foundation funded research projects (e.g. Thematic Projects, RID...


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